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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Changes Are Coming

*Listening to the crickets and sweeping out the cobwebs*

It's been quiet here on my blog lately.  With everything going on, I needed to take a step back to re-focus.  Besides working full time and trying to write, I have been trying to help my husband with his lawn care business.  Plus we are in the process of adopting, we're getting ready to apply to become foster parents, and we buried our furry baby, Tucker, a couple weeks ago.  That was a heartbreaking experience, and we are still grieving his loss.  If you have pets, you understand.  It's been a roller coaster few months to say the least.  My head is still spinning.

Anyway, I'm not typically a fan of change.  I know, I know, this is coming from someone who is preparing for a lot of change! But sometimes change is necessary, and not all change is bad.  When I started this blog, I didn't want to set a schedule for what I would post and when.  It was easier for me to have the freedom to write about anything, whether it was writing related or about life or whatever.  However, at this point in time, having something to focus on would be better.  So I am in the process of creating a schedule for myself.  I'd like to start participating in my blog chains, also.  Currently, the only one I take part in is the one at Absolute Write.  I love it, but I'm skipping this month's.

So it's going to be quiet for a little while longer while I switch gears even though I could probably come up with plenty of things to write about.  I spent yesterday evening on a mower with large mosquito looking bugs constantly flying into my face.  They love that tall grass.  Wow...maybe I should have participated in AW's blog chain this month.  That could be the basis of a good horror story. :)

But sometimes I just need a break.  I hope my fellow bloggers don't mind.  When I return, I should be refreshed.

Hope all is well!