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The love that we had seems to be lost
The times that we shared are left in the past
And it hurts to realize we're slipping away
Time keeps changing every day
We don't know what the future holds
All we can do is let it unfold
When we grow up and travel different paths
We'll rest assured we can always reach back
To the warm, lovely days we had together
And the times when nothing else seemed to matter
We'll think back and know the moments are over
But be content to know memories last forever


Was I wrong
in wanting you to be your best
and I never asked for you to change
Is it my fault
that now we aren't together
I thought we'd never be apart
Did you love me
during all those times we shared
you seemed so honest and sincere
Did you mean it
when you promised to be there for me
I believed everything you said
Did you use me
and leave me when you were finished
you always treated me so kind
And did I love you
when I gave you every part of me
there's nothing I didn't share with you

Now things can never be the same
and all the memories that we made
will stay memories kept in my heart


run away
from all the pain
is what I'd like to do
to leave all the tears
forget all the hurt
and pretend I never met you
it sounds so easy
a simple plan to carry
but where can I run to
I have nothing
nowhere to go
this is something I'll have to wait through

Forbidden love
Prohibited truth
All hidden away
In a cold, dark place
It can't be seen
It won't be found
It's buried deep
This forbidden love


If I could turn back time
I wouldn't let you know
If I could turn back time
I wouldn't let it show
If I could turn back time
I would keep my heart from breaking
And even after all we shared
I could let you go


Do you really know me
Do you know who I really am
Can you see the things I hide behind
Do you really understand
Why I wear the masks I do
Why I cover up the truth
All the times I hide away
Are because I can't trust you


All the people I thought I knew
I just don't know at all
The friends who said they'd be here
Left me standing all alone
The children I grew up with
Will always be just that
They hide behind their cliques
And have no courage to grow up
Or maybe it's myself
That I just don't know at all
With life so quickly changing
It's impossible to know it all


Wake me,
Wake me from this sleep
Wake me from this slumber
Which I call apathy
Help me to not just care
To care is not enough
Please, Lord, give me courage
To do what needs to be done
Too many hurt, scared, and crying
Lonely, barely surviving
And we just turn our heads aside
So we don't see them while they're dying
All around and on city streets
In America and other countries
All around the world
They're calling
Do you hear them?


He chose his job to maintain the law
but the things he saw haunted his mind
not knowing what he'd find he answered the calls
not knowing who would fall, not knowing who would die

Sometimes it was easy like a domestic dispute
where all he had to do was settle a couple's fight
and there were more simple plights he could handle quickly
those times lasted briefly, he'd leave without a second thought

Other times he would go in dread
sure of death, scared of who it'd be
filled with grief 'cause it was always kids
and death always bids for young with lives to live

He would arrive to these scenes uneasily
they happened frequently and they made him sick
accidents so horrific he left weeping
and often praying it would never be his kid

The vehicles were twisted beyond repair
and in the open air he could smell the blood
the poured like a flood from ghastly injuries
forced on the bodies of the dead

Each tragedy supplied a home he had to go to
it was hard to do but at the door he would stand
with his hat in his hand as he told the parents
about the accident that took their child's life

He chose this job to maintain the law
but the things he's seen haunt his mind
never knowing what he'll find he answers the calls
never knowing who will fall, never knowing who will die


she misses this place, this perfect place
when she's at her city home
after a long day she walks out onto her patio
she sees nothing in the sky
the city is too bright
so she closes her eyes
and imagines herself at this place, this perfect place...

it is late, it is dark
with bare feet she walks over the soft green grass
she sits down by the pond,
the clear cool pond
and dips her feet in the water
oh this place, this perfect place
so quiet, so peaceful
she looks up at the sky
and the stars twinkle at her
oh so bright
how she loves the sky and the way the pond reflects its light
then she is distracted...

cars honking, people yelling
another night in the city


Some day I’ll tell you
All the things I long to say
One day I’ll tell you
I didn’t know it’d be this way
And it makes me angry
To think that you don’t know
Even though I want to
I can’t let my feelings show
It hurts so much
That I can barely breathe
And even if I tried to
I wouldn’t be able to speak
But I have to tell you
Some day…one day
But until then
I’ll suffer in silence


I wish I would have told you
I should have let it show
If only I wasn’t so afraid
I could have let you know
So much time has passed
Now it’s too late
There’s nothing left to do
Nothing left to say
But I can’t help but wonder
If I had the chance again
Could I tell you how I really felt
Or would I do the same


I hate you for what you didn’t say
I hate you for what you said
I hate you for what you didn’t do
I hate you for what you did
And if I really hate you…
I hate myself for what I didn’t say
I hate myself for what I said
I hate myself for what I didn’t do
I hate myself for what I did

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