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Saturday, November 12, 2011

November Blog Chain

This is my first time participating in the Absolute Write Blog Chain.  There is a different prompt for each month, and November's is writing a back cover blurb for a book that has been written or is planned to be written. 

My blurb is from my current WIP, Shattered Innocence (working title).  The genre is Christian Fiction.  After the blurb you will find a list of this month's participants.  Feel free to click on their links to check out their blurbs.  Enjoy!


With so much to keep hidden, making friends is difficult for ten year old Emily.  If not for Nicky, the boy next door, Emily would have nobody to trust or turn to when her parents are fighting.  As Emily grows up, she depends on her best friend, and his Christian home becomes her safe haven.  It is there she learns God is not just a word thrown out in anger. 

As the line between friendship and something more begins to blur, Nicky prepares to leave for college, and Emily must accept that his dreams may not include her.  With Nicky away at school, Emily tries to hold her life together.  Desperate to escape for just a little while, she makes a decision that will turn her world upside down.  Scared and ashamed, she keeps the truth from Nicky until she's left with no choice but to call him.  He rushes home to be with her, but she'll have to place her trust in someone else before she can begin picking up the pieces of her shattered life.


There it is.  Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.  And just as an FYI, I'm thinking about changing the title to Shards of Glass.  I like the imagery and symbolism of that much better.

Here are the other participants links:
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  1. That's a pretty good hook, it makes me want to find out more. Good job.

  2. I want to learn more! What happened? That's what get's people engaged. Nice job. There is the barrier of religious righteousness that keeps us drawn...where is the failure this character must overcome?

  3. I must say, you have me stumped. And wondering.....

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    @Diane: Emily's "failure" is going somewhere with a male family friend who she doesn't trust. He ends up raping her, but she feels guilty because she knew better than to go with him. The situation is made worse when she tells her parents. They don't believe her, and her dad threatens her to keep her mouth shut.

    @Bratty: Not sure "stumped" is a good thing... lol

  5. I also updated my links! Sorry about that.

  6. Gosh, poor Emily! I think Shards of Glass is a much better title.

    Welcome to the blog chain!

  7. I like Shards of Glass as well.
    I like it. It does have a good hook.

  8. I can't say that I know a lot about the conventions of explicitly Christian fiction, but you seem to do a fine job here.

    At first I thought you might want to reveal a bit more about the "secret," but seeing it a few posts up makes me think you definitely need to keep it on the down-low, at last on the back cover.

  9. You left me hanging! Argh I must read this book! You set up the characters well and give just enough about the conflict that makes me eager to read the book.

    By the way, in regards to changing your title, here's my opinion on them:

    Shattered Innocence makes me think more about what decision Emily makes that completely ruins her (after all, she is ashamed of it).

    Shards of Glass makes me think about how fragile Emily's life could be. Nicky seems to be the padding that protects the glass that is her life. Plus, when something does go wrong, we tend to put our lives back together afterwards.

    I like both titles and I could be completely off on the symbolism of them, but you're the author so it's your call!

  10. I like this blurb! The one comment I had though, is maybe you'd want to give a bigger hint to what she decision she makes (or even say outright), as I have a feeling that would make the hook in this even more powerful. Just a thought! :)

  11. Like the other commenters, I want to know more about the 'decision' up front in the blurb. Otherwise I like this a lot.

  12. I like the concept of the story. The blurb made me wonder what happened to get her friend to come home. Then after reading it in the comments above, I would have liked a few more hints at it in the blurb itself. I think you were right not to just come out and say she was raped on the back cover, but if there is someway to hint around the edges of what happened, that may do the trick.

    Good luck! I like it. :)

  13. First, I love how you've clearly worked into the blurb enough info to tell us this is a Christian novel (last sentence of para 1 is awesome). I think this is a YA romance? If so, I'd like a little more about Nicky. I'm also curious about "with so much to keep hidden" and the decision she makes while trying to escape. Shattered innocence is a little more in tune with the latter while Shards of glass fits more with her hidden demons and her fragility. All very intriguing though and I'd want to know more.

  14. Thanks to everyone for the comments!


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