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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

American ~ Does that mean anything any more?

Years ago when I was working evenings, I would get up in the morning and watch The Early Show on CBS.  Now that I work days, I listen to the radio as I get ready to leave.  However, this morning I decided to turn the TV on and changed the channel to CBS.  And I'm glad I did.  Pat Buchanan was giving an interview to discuss his book Suicide Of A Superpower.  I have not read the book.  In fact, I hadn't heard of it until this morning.  I linked it only so you can obtain more information if you are interested in doing so.  The interview piqued my interest because Buchanan was expressing an idea that I have long been concerned about.  I even posted about it here

So what was Buchanan talking about? The idea that we are no longer living in a united country.  When the settlers first came to the United States, they were mostly seeking the same thing.  They wanted freedom from tyranny, freedom from persecution for their religious beliefs which were different than the Church of England's.  The people were united when the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written.  And the majority remained united by their beliefs, by their goals and ambitions even as more people came to our shores looking for something greater than what they had.  Now where is that unity? I don't see it.  The citizens of our country are so different, so independent, so focused on themselves that there is no unity.  And I fear the freedom this country was founded upon has been so abused that it will one day tear us apart.

American.  That used to mean something.

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