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Monday, March 26, 2012

Twilight Series and Hunger Games

As was the case with the Twilight series, I've jumped on Hunger Games a little late.  The books have frequented the bookshelves for several years now, but I was never interested in reading them.  Even though I am trying to be more open to what I read, I'm still persuaded by book covers and titles.  And Hunger Games just didn't seem appealing.  But last week, as the movie was about to be released, I became curious by all the hype.  I read a summary for the entire trilogy and thought it sounded sort of interesting, even though I hate the idea of kids having to kill kids.  But that aside, the previews for the movie didn't seem bad either.  So on a whim, I purchased the first book of the trilogy.

*Minor spoiler below*

And it was actually pretty good.  I wanted to slap some sense into Katniss several times (for her ignorance about Peeta's love for her), but other than that I enjoyed the story enough that I definitely want to read the others.  And yes, even knowing how the relationship between Katniss and Peeta turn out by the end of the trilogy, I still wanted to slap Katniss.  I figure the author was probably trying to show the reader that Katniss wasn't sure of her feelings, or maybe was unwilling to really acknowledge them, but I was still annoyed.  I hate when a character comes off as stupid.  However, if I consider her to be stupid, it's just in the area of love. 

After reading the Twilight series and now Hunger Games, I can definitely say I'm being more open to what I read since neither of them piqued my interest initially.  At the same time, I realize my love for romance will never diminish.  It was the dynamics between Bella and Jacob (in Twilight) and Katniss and Peeta (in Hunger Games) that kept me intrigued.  And it is because at the moment I am mad at Katniss (because Hunger Games ended without her acknowledging how she feels about Peeta) that I will continue reading the trilogy. 


  1. HG is great, isn't it? I had the same reaction that you did to HG and Twilight originally. Neither seemed appealing at first, but I read them because of all the hype. I am so glad I did. Guess it goes to show that the cover and dustflap don't always sell a book as well as they could/should.


  2. I try to remember looks can be deceiving when looking for a new book to read, but when I'm in a hurry it's very easy to look over the books that don't grab my attention as readily as others. Twilight and Hunger Games were both overlooked for a long time. I didn't read any of the Twilight books until the third movie was released in theaters. And I am just now getting into Hunger Games...

    Thanks for your comment!


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