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Monday, December 17, 2012

What MY Writing Has Taught Me

Today I thought I'd share a fun little post about what I have learned from my writing this year.  Take a peek at the list below.  Then share your own learning experiences if you'd like.  Here goes:

1. The writing method I use today will be different a year from now.  It may even be different tomorrow.

2. It's okay if my story becomes something other than what I planned.

3. I need a cheat sheet at my desk for using lay vs lie.

4. Cutting words can lower the word count but can also make room for the right words to be added.

5. Revision is not a shameful word.

6. Character emotions are better shown with a balance of physical actions and internal sensations.

7. Every character has a part to play or shouldn't have a part at all.

8. Spending eight hours editing thirty pages is okay if that's what it takes to get it right.

9. Writing few words in many hours is also okay if that's what it takes to get it right.

10. My knowledge will grow beyond this list, as it should.

Hope you enjoyed.  Please share your own learning experiences below. :)


  1. I've learned that critique partners can make the best suggestions!

  2. Great list Charity. Each one true, but nuber 2 was a HUGE lesson I learned in the last 12 months.

  3. I've learned humility in the face of critique!

  4. Oh yes, the dreaded critique we all must face. But so worth it if we're willing to listen with honest ears.

    And Sandie, #2 was one that I really struggled with. What I intended the story to be was not what it ended up being. And that was really having a negative impact on my story.

  5. I've learned to appreciate input from others and I've learned that being honest in my writing makes the real me shine. I didn't realize that there was a me in here somewhere. lol

  6. That's a good one, Diane. Shine on, girl!

  7. I learned to listen to the little voice in my head...she gives good advice.


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