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Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Celebration...a day late.

It's time for another Celebrate the Small Things post, and I hope you'll forgive me for being a day (or a few weeks, depending on how you look at it) late.  I've been away from my blog for several weeks now.  It was unintentional, yet unavoidable.  I got sick again with walking pneumonia and was couch ridden, except for the days when I had to work.  Rather than convince myself to turn on my computer, I entertained myself with books instead.  And now I'm trying to work a lot of overtime.

So in honor of the celebration, here are a few things I am celebrating:
1. Antibiotics.
2. Books.  I actually read for the second time the Left Behind series along with the three prequels and the one sequel.  I love that series.  That was sixteen books total.
3. Sunshine, flowers, and gardening.  In a few weeks, I am going with my two sister-in-laws to a garden fair.  I can't wait to stock up on flowers.

So what are you celebrating? Share below!


  1. Glad you're finally starting to feel better!

  2. Hello Charity!

    This is my first time here via the Celebrate blog hop, so hi!

    Sorry you were sick, and so glad you're feeling better!

    See you next Friday!

  3. Antibiotics are cause for celebration, for sure!

    The Left Behind Series? I haven't heard of it, and its 16 books? sounds like a nice reading vacation. I must check it out!

  4. Wow! The whole Left Behind series! That's awesome! I'm glad you are feeling better and looking forward to gardening!


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