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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Hate Not Writing

September is not going to be a productive month for my writing.  I hate that fact.  Always on my mind is the story I'm working on and what changes I have/want to make, but my September is full of.....just life.  The month began with my family's annual three day reunion during Labor Day weekend.  Tomorrow I am going to St. Louis for three days (Joyce Meyer Women's Conference ~ going with my stepmom for the fifth year in a row).  Then at the end of the month I will be going to Chicago to celebrate with my husband ~ 10th year wedding anniversary! And of course in between those events I have household chores that never end, and I've been helping my husband with the mowing business.  And yes we've kept busy with that despite the dry weather.  Even though I had/will have tons of fun at these special events, I am so ready for some much needed time in front of my computer.  I can appreciate the fact that as writers we sometimes need to step back from our work so we can see it with fresh eyes, but I am not a fan of the pattern I am currently in.  Work on it one day, take a few days off.  Work on it another day, take a few days off.  You get the idea.  The way I see it, I should be either taking a break or not.  This on again, off again routine sucks.

Oh well.  At least I'm still having fun! And it is September ~ hello Autumn! (My favorite season)

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  1. I understand the feeling...I get ansy when I can't write And of course it's always when the best ideas or bits of witty dialog will come to you. Make sure to keep a small notepad handy!


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