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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I've never been a fan of making New Year's resolutions.  Perhaps I'm in the minority by saying this, but I think they're a waste of time.  It seems like January isn't even over yet when people start talking about giving up on their resolutions.  So what's the point? There are always things we can improve, but if something is important enough, why wait until the new year begins?

Now I am a believer in goals.  I think we all need something to strive for, and perhaps that's the point of making resolutions.  That being said, my goals are things I'm always striving for, regardless of the year.  And what are those goals?

1. Live my life in a way pleasing to God.
2. Become a published writer. 

You might think that's a short list.  It sure looks that way.  But in my opinion, they're rather broad.  #1 includes appreciating my friends and family, my health, and all the blessings I've been given.  Also included is setting a good example so others will see Christ through me.  And that can be broad too; every little action I complete is an example.  #2 isn't simple either.  There's a lot of work involved in getting something published.  Writing, editing, polishing, querying, submitting... you get the idea. 

So there you go.  If I've stepped on any toes, that wasn't my intention.  And if you've made any New Year's resolutions, I sincerely wish you the best.  As I said, it doesn't hurt to have something to work for.

Happy New Year's!

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