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Friday, April 13, 2012

Absolute Write Blog Chain ~ April

Time for another Absolute Write Blog Chain post.  This month's prompt is "dead bunnies."  As usual, the post can be fiction or non-fiction.  Check my fiction attempt below.  Then check out all the other great posts from my fellow AW'ers.  It's been a creative month!

She heard them calling her name, but she yanked her pillow over her head to drown out the sound.  Then her eyes popped open as memories from previous years flooded her senses.  After tossing the pillow to the side, she sat up in her bed and shuddered.  She took her time getting ready, though; maybe they'd start without her. 

"I can't stand the torture," she whispered to herself.  Then she shuddered again, knowing fully well the agony was making her insane.

As much as she wanted to, there was no way to escape the cruel massacre that was to come.  Her parents actually believed it to be adorable.  Or was it possible they were only pretending? Perhpas they were equally frightened by the behavior and didn't know how to get her little sister the help she needed.  Whatever the case, her parents allowed the mutilation  to continue each year.

"Might as well get it over with."  Talking to herself again.  Never a good thing.

She went downstairs, each step measured by a cracking sound that echoed off the walls.  Her short walk completed, she arrived in time to see her sister was already making quite the spectacle of herself.

"Come see your sister," her mom invited with a smile.

Her feet refused to move another inch.  All she could do was stare at the little girl who looked more like a monster primed for its task.  Her little sister, with that golden hair, could fool anyone.  But innocent she was not.

Her skin crawled as she stood there.  She flinched as another neck was snapped.  Those poor little bunnies! How many had her parents bought this year? And the mess.  Of course there'd be a mess.  Her sister couldn't very well pop the heads in her mouth without getting goo all over her.  Around her.  And the feet! Why eat the heads and feet, yet nothing else? It was sickening really.

She fought the urge to lash out as her father set a small trash can next to her sister.  They were laughing now.  Yet she couldn't make one sound, not even as her mom leaned down and began cleaning up the mess.  She was about to bolt to her room when her sister looked up and smiled.  The remnants of the little creatures were smeared over her face.  Chunks were stuck in her teeth.  Her sister held her slimy hand out; a small effort to share.  But it was too late.  The bodies were now removed from the floor and her mom was carrying the trash can out of the room.

All that chocolate.  Wasted.

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  1. Did NOT expect the last line! Very well done :-)


  2. Thanks. When I first started thinking about this month's prompt, all I could picture was a pile of chocolate bunnies with no heads.

  3. Whew! There I was thinking, "Oh, No!" please don't hurt them, and turns out we're talking chocolate instead of fur...well written, Charity--cheers!

  4. Love the twist! :D Well done!

  5. Haha, very good! For a moment it took me to a 'Hunger Games' place, and it ended all... Easter-y. Possibly the first time those two things have been mixed. Great stuff :)

  6. This got me thinking of that one photo going around the internet, where one bunny with no tail goes, "Hey, my butt!" and the other bunny with no ears goes, "What?"


    Too cute! I would melt down the chocolate and make chocolate bunnies on a stick. YUM

  7. I started saying to myself, "Please let it be chocolate, please let it be chocolate."
    Thank you for letting it be chocolate, I'll sleep tonight. ;-)
    Good job!

  8. Yes, I would much rather picture chunks of chocolate rather than chunks of fur and flesh in the little sister's teeth. :)


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