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Thursday, May 10, 2012

May's Absolute Write Blog Chain ~ Zombie Apocalypse

New month, new theme! During the month of May, Absolute Write's Bloggers are taking on the Zombie Apocalypse.  Check out my post below, and let me know what you think.  Then take a look at the other creative slayings.  Thanks!


He peered out the window one more time before returning to his choices.  There weren't many.  The serrated knife with the curved blade could slice any human but wouldn't stop even the least vicious corpse.  Unless he had the time to cut away the decaying flesh piece by piece.  But that would take too long; there would be no time for that.  Same for the machete.  He needed something else, something...well, what would be deadly against a zombie? Zombies were already dead. 

Something pounded on the door, drawing his attention.  It wouldn't be long now.  Soon the door would give way to the insatiable creatures waiting outside.  He longed for a better weapon.  But he wasn't locked inside his arsenal at home and only had the few items he'd been able to carry when he fled the house.  He should have grabbed his shotgun at least, but she'd been too close.  She.  The girl he loved and had hoped to settle down with.  Get your act together! he told himself as the pounding intensified.  No use thinking about her when he was facing his own death.  Or undeath.

The door finally broke, allowing the infected brain eaters entry to the room.  He'd be cornered soon.  What kind of idiot locks himself in a room with only one door anyway? There was no time to point a finger at himself.  He reached for the baseball bat and locked his eyes on the zombie leading the charge.  The bat wouldn't help him win the battle, he knew.  Resigned to die fighting, he swung the bat, making contact with the first creature's head. 

"Sorry, babe."


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  1. Aw, is sad. :(
    Great scene, especially addressing the "locked himself in a room" part of it.

  2. Great post! Love your attention to detail. That last line was a puncher, too!

  3. Not a baseball bat! Brains, EVERYWHERE!! Wait, do zombies have brains? :D

    Very nice and intense!

  4. Ooh, good thought, Diane. Maybe the zombies will focus on eating each other's brains and my guy can escape! :)

  5. Gah! Poor thing, having to kill his girlfriend :(
    But it was a tense scene that was very enjoyable! Great job :)

  6. It's always a tough choice for the victim. Part of them knows that's not their lover. Yet part of them clings on to the hope that things can return to normal.

    A quick scene that's right to the point. I like!

  7. Hooked from the very beginning, Charity, well-written. Felt the pending doom, and resolve of the main character's determination to make the most of a challenging situation. More!

  8. Thanks for the compliments! :)

  9. I actually made a student film where the hero, upon unloading a pistol into a zombie horde, accomplishing nothing, finally took them out with a baseball bat. Congrats! Great scene!

  10. I enjoyed reading that. Well written.

  11. @Dave: So the bat's not entirely useless. Yay!

    @Anthony: Thanks!

  12. Ouch! That pun at the end is almost as painful as the whole situation :) Too bad he doesn't have a cricket paddlebat a la "Shaun of the Dead."

  13. Ahh, the classic moral quandary of an infected loved one. You handled it quite nicely! Good job.

    I wonder, is the "What kind of idiot locks himself in a room with only one door anyway?" line an homage to Night of the Living Dead? Or am I just building nerdy connections where they don't exist? :P

  14. If there's a connection, it was unintentional. It's been a very long time since I watched that movie. :)

  15. Good to know, don't lock yourself in a room with only one door. See this prompt is a learning experience.
    Nice job!

  16. Yep. Don't do it. You'll end up a corpse for sure. Thanks for reading.


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