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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Policeman

written by: (me!) Charity Pence

He chose his job to maintain the law
but the things he saw haunted his mind
not knowing what he'd find he answered the calls
not knowing who would fall, not knowing who would die

Sometimes it was easy like a domestic dispute
where all he had to do was settle a couple's fight
and there were more simple plights he could handle quickly
those times lasted briefly, he'd leave without a second thought

Other times he would go in dread
sure of death, scared of who it'd be
filled with grief 'cause it was always kids
and death always bids for young with lives to live

He would arrive to these scenes uneasily
they happened frequently and they made him sick
accidents so horrific he left weeping
and often praying it would never be his kid

The vehicles were twisted beyond repair
and in the open air he could smell the blood
the poured like a flood from ghastly injuries
forced on the bodies of the dead

Each tragedy supplied a home he had to go to
it was hard to do but at the door he would stand
with his hat in his hand as he told the parents
about the accident that took their child's life

He chose this job to maintain the law
but the things he's seen haunt his mind
never knowing what he'll find he answers the calls
never knowing who will fall, never knowing who will die

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