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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Perfect Place

written by: (me!) Charity Pence

she misses this place, this perfect place
when she's at her city home
after a long day she walks out onto her patio
she sees nothing in the sky
the city is too bright
so she closes her eyes
and imagines herself at this place, this perfect place...

it is late, it is dark
with bare feet she walks over the soft green grass
she sits down by the pond,
the clear cool pond
and dips her feet in the water
oh this place, this perfect place
so quiet, so peaceful
she looks up at the sky
and the stars twinkle at her
oh so bright
how she loves the sky and the way the pond reflects its light
then she is distracted...

cars honking, people yelling
another night in the city

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