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Monday, May 28, 2012

All Gave Some...Some Gave All

Today's post is in honor of all the men and women who have served and are currently serving our country.  The freedoms we have came at a great cost.  The number of lives lost throughout the history of our country is staggering and worth reflecting upon.  And we can't forget about all those who made it home; many of them returned with physical and mental scars that cannot be erased.

The sacrifice our soldiers make, along with their familes, is extreme.  And though there are many reasons why people choose to serve in the military, the fact remains that they are fighting on behalf of the rest of us who choose not to serve.  There was a time when I considered joining the Air Force or the Navy.  Admittedly, I was too scared.  I was very insecure and lacked self-confidence, and the thought of going away to a place where I would know nobody and would have no idea what to expect terrified me.  I don't offer that as an excuse; it's just the truth.

But I come from a family with a strong military history.  I have cousins, distant cousins, grandparents, great uncles, etc. that were brave enough to serve.  My step-dad served, also.  And I have friends and people I went to school with who served or are currently serving.  My husband's family has service men and women, also.

Don't we all know somebody in the military? Please honor them today.

Happy Memorial Day.  God bless!

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